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  • Gyeongju, Pohang / Korea
  • 25th (Sun) - 28th (Wed) June 2023



Pohang University of Science and Technology was founded with the purpose of contributing to the nation and humanity by conducting in-depth science and engineering research on the profound theories and a wide range of applications essential to the advancement of Korea and the world, in addition to training a select pool of talented students to become future global leaders with both knowledge and honorable character through high-quality education and translating research outcomes into real-world applications realized through close collaboration with industry, academia and research institutions.

In order to fulfill this purpose, Pohang University of Science and Technology not only focuses on advanced research in diverse fields of basic science and engineering by cooperating closely with world-leading universities, but also strives to develop itself as a global hub for research related to the materials sector.

Pohang University of Science and Technology strives to become a world-class university by emphasizing well-rounded and specialized education to produce intellectuals with integrity, creativity and challenging spirit and by expanding the scope of industry-academia collaboration to improve human welfare.

How to get to POSTECH

By Express Bus

  • Express buses connect Pohang with other cities such as Daejeon and Seoul. Buses from Seoul use the express lanes and complete the journey in five hours.

  • For more information, please visit :

By KTX(Train)

  • From Seoul to Pohang by KTX (Approximately 2 and half hours)

  • As the fare and schedule are subject to change without prior notice, please visit before use

GIFT (Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology)


Established in 2005, GIFT is the world's only convergence-type materials graduate school that educates and researches advanced technologies in the fields of steel and energy materials.

The unique educational goal pursued by the Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology (GIFT) is to produce experts with advanced technologies in the fields of steel and energy materials technology required by modern society through high-quality education.

GIFT Ferrous info
GIFT Energy info